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Randonneurs are long-distance unsupported endurance cyclists who cover distances between 200km and 1200km and beyond. Randonneuring has its roots in France and every four years in August Randonneurs from around the globe gather in this country to participate in the 1200km event Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP). The Korea Randonneurs were established in 2009 and the first Brevets were held in 2010 (BICYCLELIFE article). All Korea Randonneurs Brevets have been sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (ACP 601000) and can be used to qualify for PBP. Check out our permanent new web site.

랜 도너스 (Randonneurs) 는 200km 에서 1200km 사이의 장거리를 다른 사람의 도움 없이 오직 자신의 인내로 자전거를 타는 사람들을 의미합니다. 랜도링 (Randonneuring) 은 프랑스에서 기원되었고 매년 8월에 개최하는 파리-브레스트-파리 (PBP) 1200km 구간에 참여하기 위해 세계 곳곳에 있는 많은 랜도너스들이 이곳으로 모였으며 이 대회는 4년 동안 개최되었습니다. 한국랜도너스는 2009 년에 설립되었으며 첫 Brevets은 2010 년에 개최되었습니다 (BICYCLELIFE). 한국에서의 모든 랜도너스 싸 이클링은 Audax Club Parisien 에 의해 승인되었음 (ACP 601000).
Check out our permanent new web site.

Lothar Hennighausen (헤닉하우즌 로타)

Jan Boonstra

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Randonneurs fight wind and freezing temperatures on Mongsanpo 200K

With back-to-back rides, 120 Korea Randonneurs opened the 2012 Brevet season on the weekend of March 10.  While on Saturday 55 riders faced perfect conditions with sunny skies and a moderate breeze blowing from the west, on Sunday 65 riders experienced hostile conditions.  With sub zero temperatures and wind blowing at 40km/h from the west, 15 riders had to abandon.  For most riders this was their first Brevet and they did fabulous with a total of 103 finishing within the cutoff of 13.5 hours (RESULTS).  Jan Boonstra and Allison Rhee had picked the Cheonan-Asan KTX station for the check-in and this was the perfect choice (thanks to Mr. Park for making this possible).  The majority of riders arrived by train from Seoul and other destinations throughout the Korean peninsula and check-in was right in the train station.  After check-in with Allison, Jan and our Arbeit student Ariuka, the first riders departed Cheonan at 06:00 at the crack of dawn and headed west to the picturesque harbor of Mongsanpo.  On the way they traveled through vast stretches of farmland and rural communities facing constantly nagging headwinds.  Lim Seonghun, our IT director, staffed the outbound control in Unsan and the Hongseong inbound control to greet riders and help new riders.  In Mongsanpo Harbor many riders settled in for a delicious seafood lunch.  Some enjoyed the sunshine and reset so much that Lothar had to “encourage” them to head back in order to stay on time.  On the return route to Cheonan the strong tail wind, especially on the seawalls, propelled riders to Yesan.  From there a few more hills had to be tackled before riders received their well-deserved Certificate of Accomplishment.  Congratulations to all finishers!  And for those who did not finish this 200K, there will be many more to come.  Allison's Pictures  --  Pre ride  --  March 10  --  March 11  --  tracks (Fay) --  video (Kim Sung Woo KoRa #146)

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